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Thread: Can you link a Bluetooth headset to a computer?

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    Try the above link. They have Anycom drivers, for PC's, and updated drivers for just about everything else as well. It is a program that searches your computer and lets you know if there are updated drivers available for any devices you have installed. If you have a Mac, I'm not sure if they can help though. If you want to connect directly to your computer, you will need a bluetooth adapter (plugs into USB port, can find for under $25), unless you have one built into your system. Seems like that would be an easier solution than trying to go through your router, if it is even possible (I don't know).

    If you have a Mac, I would google Anycom and see if they don't have a website where you can get the driver. Most manufacturers have websites where they will have the most current drivers available for download, for all popular OS's. If not, I would try contacting their technical support. They should be able to email it to you.

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    hear I have some advice do you have a disc with bluetooth? you need to upload the drivers and for that you have to go onto the actual web page of Anycom Bluetooth AP-2002 hope this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne-B View Post

    Also Plantronics has a really cool model coming out soon called the Savi W740, it will work on the computer, you can pair your cell phone to it, and you can also use it with a regular telephone... It will work on all 3 devices! Definitely worth checking out.
    A bit pricey at $300.
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