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Thread: Can you link a Bluetooth headset to a computer?

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    Can you link a Bluetooth headset to a computer?

    Recently I've been using a Bluetooth headset with my cell phone for convenience. It's recently dawned on me that I may be able to use this as a microphone/speaker for my computer? Every now and then I use Skype, and I have a desktop microphone for that. It would be great if I could use my headset for this instead. My movement isn't exactly great enough that I can put on and take off a headset without someone's assistance, so using the Bluetooth headset that I already wear all day would be easy enough.

    I do have a Bluetooth access point (Anycom Bluetooth AP-2002) which allows my RTI bike to send data over the Internet. I'm not an expert at describing computer setups, but my ethernet comes from the wall into a router. Then I use two of the router ports to send wired ethernet connections to both my desktop compute and the access point.

    Does this type of access point only work for connecting Bluetooth enabled devices to the Internet? Or might I be able to use it to connect my Bluetooth headset to my desktop computer through the ethernet? I've been looking around for drivers for this Anycom device, and I don't see anything that works.

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    Yes, you can.
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    If anyone has any ideas as to how I might be able to set this up, I'd love to hear them. Or you can direct me somewhere with some info.

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    I'd like to know how to do that too!

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    I am using Dragon NaturallySpeaking with a wireless Plantronics CS50-USB Wireless Headset. I'm able to use the Plantronics Headset with Skype, but this Headset is not Bluetooth. My Intel iMac has Bluetooth so I probably could use a Bluetooth Headset like the Jawbone to work with DNS and maybe Skype. The problem with the Bluetooth technology is that the signal has a much more limited range or distance before it cuts off. I think you will need a Bluetooth Dongle that may have come with your Headset. The Bluetooth Dongle will then plug into a USB port on your computer. If everything is set up correctly, you may be able to use the Bluetooth Headset with Skype, which I believe is your goal. My Plantronics Wireless CS50-USB Headset has a range of 250 feet. I am not using a Bluetooth Headset so this is about the best I can do with your question.
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    My laptop comes with bluetooth and I have connected the Jabra 8010, Zivio Boom, BlueAnt Z9i & Nokia bh900.

    The only one that was half decent for NSD was the Zivio, but for other stuff (skype, etc.) they worked fine.

    First of all, is your laptop equipped with bluetooth?
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    Sorry for not paying attention to your post

    I think you need the dongle then, I'm not sure... BUT, tomorrow I'll post how I connect mine so you can try and see if your laptop recognizes a bluetooth device.

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    I just got a Plantronics BUA-100 Bluetooth USB Adapter with a Calisto headset, looks like the that comes with v10. I'm using v9.5 of Dragon, has anyone used this headset combo? For some reason it's noisy for a noise-canceling mic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerss View Post
    Alternate, you can buy go buy Bluetooth PC- and mobilephone keyboard, which is also a very practical option.


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    I've been using a RocketFish USB bluetooth adapter on my PC and a Jawbone. It's very acurate right out of the box on Dragon 10.

    The only hassle was a popup screen which indicated the bluetooth was trying to make a dialup connection (as I recall). That was turned off via MSCONFIG since it didn't need to be loaded on startup.

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