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Thread: What are you listening to right now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foolish Old View Post
    Feelin' Philly?

    I spent many a sunny day at Belmont Plateau in Fairmount Park. That was long before The Fresh Prince went to live with Uncle Phil.

    Later, Darrell Hall and John Oates were part of the music scene in my neighborhood. I hired them for a small concert I promoted just after they got some airplay with their first album.
    Wow FO, no one has to connect the dots for you! I'm impressed. That must have been a real treat to have them perform. I grow to appreciate Daryl Hall's talent more and more over time.

    I grew up in the DC area (Alexandria) in the 70s and the culture was quite the melting pot. There was a deep pool of musical talent in the NY, NJ, Philly, Baltimore, DC corridor.

    As a kid, I could walk over to one neighborhood several 100 yards east of my apartment and play basketball with hip hop blaring or several 100 yards west and play with my "Brady Bunch" type friends. Anyway, here's another one from this corridor that sums up my musical taste.

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    I loved the Everly Brothers back in the good ole days of real music. lol Recently I found these guys whose sound brings back a lot of memories. I would love to go to see them but I doubt that that will happen.

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    A lot of frank zappa lately, i just saw zappa plays zappa and dweezil helped me up a curb in my wheel chair before soundcheck, super nice guy and sick guitar player. and before that a lot of slayer because it helps me deal with my wheel chair anger haha

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    Got this in an email, thought someone here might enjoy it as well as I did:

    When Elvis Presley hit the road in June 1977, he was an absolute mess.

    He was only 42, but years of prescription drug abuse and horrifying dietary habits
    had left him bloated, depressed and near death.

    He had an enlarged heart, an enlarged intestine, hypertension and incredibly
    painful bowel problems.

    He was barely sleeping and should have probably been in the hospital, but he was
    still a huge draw on the concert circuit and the money was too good to turn

    Despite Elvis? horrid shape, Parker arranged for a camera crew to film the June
    19th show in Omaha for a planned TV special and live album.

    It eventually aired on CBS two months after Elvis died, and has yet to resurface
    in any official capacity. This isn't the Elvis that his estate wants the fans
    to remember.Two days later, the cameras were still rolling when the tour hit Rapid City, South Dakota.

    It was another weak and sad night until Elvis sat down at the piano near the end
    to deliver a spellbinding rendition of ?Unchained Melody."

    As guitarist Charlie Hodge held a microphone, Elvis dug deep and poured his heart into the song.

    His body was falling apart, but his voice remained almost as powerful as ever.
    Without any doubt, it's the last great moment of his career.

    The tour limped along through five more shows, wrapping up June 26th at the Market
    Square Arena in Indianapolis, Indiana.The show ended with "Can't Help Falling in Love."
    He died less than two months later.

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    I think, therefore I am.

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    I think, therefore I am.

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