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Thread: What are you listening to right now?

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    Cantoria 2 - Arrumação

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    Maria Bethânia - É o Amor

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    Maria Rita - Encontros e despedidas

    Maria Rita is beautifull.

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    Mylène Farmer - Sans Logique. Just wonderful.

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    "We have met the enemy and he is us."-POGO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keps View Post
    Mylène Farmer - Sans Logique. Just wonderful.


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    Karen, as I watch that music video, I'm pained that Mylène Farmer is not more known in America due to her Francophone music. She's a creative genius.

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    Translation to Sans Logique by yours truly

    Sans Logique - Without Logic

    Si Dieu nous fait * son image - If God made us in His image
    Si c'était sa volonté - It was His own will
    Il aurait dû prendre ombrage - He must have taken fear
    Du malin mal habité - From the evil one within
    Qui s'immisce et se partage - Who interferes and divides
    L'innocence immaculée - The immaculate innocence
    De mon âme d'enfant sage - From my soul of a wise child

    Je voudrais comprendre - I would like to understand
    De ce paradoxe - This paradox
    Je ne suis complice - I am not willing to
    Souffrez qu'une autre - Permit another
    En moi se glisse - In me slips itself
    Car sans logique - Because without logic
    Je me quitte - I am left
    Aussi bien satanique - Quite Satanic
    Qu'angélique - More than angelic

    Si chaque fois qu'en bavardages - If each time in gossip
    Nous nous laissons dériver - We let ourselves divert
    Je crois bien que d'héritage - I believe although from heritage
    Mon silence est meurtrier - My silence is a murderer
    Vous me découvrez blafarde - You discover me pale
    Fixée * vos yeux si tendres - Fixed to your tender eyes
    Je pourrais bien par mégarde - I could by accident
    D'un ciseau les fendre - Split them with a chisel
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    I think I did a good job translating that, but if there's more clarity someone can add to it, by all means, do so.

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    I'm listening to the Black Keys.

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