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Thread: How finger length points to success in the City

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    How finger length points to success in the City

    How finger length points to success in the City

    By Daily Mail Reporter

    Last updated at 12:23 AM on 13th January 2009

    The key to success in high powered markets is at your fingertips, a study has shown.
    Scientists at Cambridge University discovered that City traders whose ring fingers are much longer than their index fingers make the most money, while those whose ring fingers are relatively short do the worst.
    Researchers say finger length is linked to exposure to testosterone in the womb – and also reveals how 'masculine' a man is. Past studies have shown that people exposed to high levels of the sex hormone between the 13th and 18th week of pregnancy have longer ring fingers.

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    I have heard of this testosterone finger thing before and as far as I can see my ring fingers and index fingers are exactly the same length.

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    My ring finger is about a half inch longer than my index. Guess I'll be doing pretty good in the future. lol

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