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Thread: Broken big toe, help

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    Broken big toe, help

    Hi - I think I broke my big toe. Yesterday my blood pressure got really low sitting up and when laying down. I noticed my body was clammy last night and it was difficult to move across my air-loss bed. I don't think I looked at my shoe today and noticed a lump where the big toe was. I thought I had the shoes on the wrong foot it looked so funny. After taking my shoe off it looked like my big toe was pointing sideways. My caregiver straightened it back out but there's a line there like.

    I was wondering where I can find a splint or how to make one so the toe is not moved?

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    You can try to "buddy tape" your big toe if it needs it. Use the next toe as a splint and tape the 2 of them together. That's usually how docs deal with broken toes if they feel they need to do something. Watch out for AD and deal with that directly if it occurs.

    From experience with my own mangled toes. I lifted the nail enough that the nail bed got infected and the had to be avulsed. So, also watch for infection, especially at the nails.
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    JenJen, thank you. That is a good idea. I will tape it to at least 2 toes so I don't end up breaking any more. It just is hanging probably.

    SCI Nurse or anyone - what can I take for the clammy skin symptom if anything?

    I don't think my blood pressure is high. Actually it feels lower than normal. But if it does start to get high, then what is the appropriate medication or one that will help?

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    You should get it x-rayed to be sure it is not a serious break.


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    CWO, thanks but I am not sure it's even broken. It had a lump under the shoe where my big toe was and after pulling the shoe off my big toe was loose a little and turned sideways some. Maybe not as much as I let on but under the shoe it really looked like it was pointing out the side.

    The toe had a big wrinkle at the toe joint when I took the shoe off. It has not bruised yet so maybe it's not broke. My shoulder and hip was clammy again this morning though. Does all broken bones bruise up?

    I've never really been this slight clammy except during a bad uti and that is obvious and bad sweats above the injury site as well. I don't have a uti and it's been a couple years.

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    I also have a question about bone healing. About 4 years ago this rehab doctor made a comment about how people with sci will heal bones faster than AB people. I find this hard to believe.

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    J/L, When I broke my tibia and fibula earlier this year, my Ortho doc told me just the opposite. He explained that one of the factors that trigger the body to regenerate bone tissue is weight bearing. He was stunned that I was able to heal as well as an AB person with the same break (and without surgery) in about the same amount of time it takes ABs' bones to knit.


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    It can be an abnormal healing.You can have a break without bruising you can see, maybe it is just a sprain. Have you put ice on it?
    That is what you would do for a sprain.


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    Ouch, two breaks hipcrip. Talk about breaking a leg, ... too bad not the performing kind.


    I am not sure if it's broke. I have a make shift splint out of card board and gauze so it will not move for a week or two just in case it is. It is not swollen any. It just moves sideways more than I think it should. I had this about 1 1/2 years ago but not with this much movement and weird wrinkle on the joint, ... thanks.

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