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Thread: Farming From a Wheelchair

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    Farming From a Wheelchair

    This is a link to a video about my farming. I raise livestock with one employee

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    how lovely! the sheep are just beautiful and so are your surroundings. over here in France we eat quite a lot of sheep cheese (goat cheese too) - much nicer than cow's.

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    Congrats Brian, great spread.

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    Beautiful! great job on getting out there and doing it!

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    I loved the video

    Hey Bschiner,

    That was a great video. It sounds like you are pursuing you passion. You certainly live in a beautiful area. My dog looks a lot like your white dog!

    Matt Anderson
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    That is cool, Brian. I love the Maryland countryside and fall colors, was stationed out that way for some time in the Army. Loved it, you fit right in.

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    Nice job, I would love someday to have a small farm.
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    Good job on raising livestock on natural pasture grass seed without the chemicals. The world needs more farmers like you. Good to see you doing what your passion is.
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