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Thread: 24 Years and wearing out!!!

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    24 Years and wearing out!!!

    I have been a Para for twenty four years and my lower back is wearing out. I am going in for a bone scan this morning, my SCI Doctor thinks I have fracture my lower back.
    In the pasts I have shatter both of my legs above the knees and also the left leg below the knee. I broke one femur by bending over to pick up my keys under the car. I did this about a week after I got up from shattering both of my legs.
    Know it looks like my lower back is wearing out. I have had two operations on my back in a year and a half. Know I might be looking at a fracture in my back.
    I am wondering if any one else that has been in the chair a long time that might be going through the same type of thing.
    I have real good SCI Doctors, they take there time and research things to ease the pain. I have been up all night with the burns. They have me on Lyrica and it has helped until lately. Also so they have me on a pain patch Fentanyl, I have been taking 10 mg Precocite and they really didn't help that much.
    I realize that crap happens as you get older. I can feel my lower back grinding around my hips. I have done a lot of things from this chair and I am paying for it know, but I would not change a thing, because life is to short.
    I am trying to get thing eased off so I can go back to school this semester. If any one knows of any thing that can help please shoot me a message.
    Sorry about all the tears. After I found this site I thought that I would at least give it a try.

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    Well you have 20 years on me and my respect for it. I guess as you get older you have to take it alot easier on the body. I hope they get things figured out and get rid of the pain. Welcome to the forum.
    oh well

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    I'M heading to a DR.'S appointment when I get back I'll send some ideas. Sorry struck for time almost late, but you mentioned given this site a shot.........MAN YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. KEEP POSTING YOU WILL FIND HELP. Nice to meet you by the way.
    Many Blessings,

    So we can say with confidence, The Lord is my helper, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?" Hebrew13:6

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    Welcome. First of all, props for being a para for 24 years and maintaining a good attitude.
    Here is my thought. Find out what part of your spine or spinal nerves is causing the pain and get it fixed. See a neurosurgeon or a spine surgeon who will take you seriously even if you are in a chair and Ct/MRI and find out what is wearing out, whether or not you have spinal stenosis, nerve root impingement or other correctable problems. If it is surgically correctable , consider doing it. Consider a fusion, decompression if they recommend that. But definitely rule out something surgical.
    Do you need to be on Fosamax and Calcium and Vit D?
    good luck !

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    22 here...quad... the body wasn't made to live like this. i doubt i live another 22 in this condition...

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