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Thread: do apartments with roll-in showers exist?

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    do apartments with roll-in showers exist?

    my girlfriend and i are in florida and over the past couple of days must have called and looked at over 50 apartments, no sign of a roll-in. has anyone come across one...anywhere. forget florida...i'd be happy if someone could tell me they've seen one anywhere in the united states.

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    I went 2 years getting bed baths because I lived in apartments without showers. Hell, the doorway was too narrow for you in my chair to get back in there so I was never even in those bathrooms. Good luck finding one
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    They exist, but they are as rare as hen's teeth. Just try to find a bathroom where you can get through the door at all, and look into a slider tub chair/commode combination if possible as this is nearly as convenient as a roll-in.


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    there are roll-in's in apts in MN, but only in subsidized housing.
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    I had one during my undergrad days, but only b/c I approached the apartment complex management w/ a special request during the building phase. I think they converted it back to a normal tub after I left.

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    Under the ADA you can put one in (or make other mods you need) but you have to pay for it, and the property owners can demand that you put it back to "normal" when you move. But if you can find a tenant who needs one to move in as you move out, you might get away without having to restore it.

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    I'm preparing to move out on my own. How sure are you that under the ADA they have to let you convert it.....of course agreeing to put it back and pay for it.

    That would be awesome
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    Quote Originally Posted by josh a View Post
    I'm preparing to move out on my own. How sure are you that under the ADA they have to let you convert it.....of course agreeing to put it back and pay for it.
    It's not an ADA issue. It falls under the Fair Housing Act:

    Read the following PDF; your question is addressed starting on page 3:

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    josh im not sure were your at in illinois but in ofallon illinois i looked at apartments befor building my home and found some in ofallon illinois i think the name was the fountains i cant remembr i know it wasnt far from deirbergs there building new apartments out there and they do have the roll in shower i think there off frank scott parkway
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