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Thread: Last Movie You Watched?

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    Finally got to the see last of the Stieg Larsson's book movies, "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest" this last weekend. I wouldn't consider seeing this unless you have seen the previous two films, or at least read all 3 of the books, as much of what leads up to this climatic story would not make any sense at all. This one has received the weakest reviews for the 3 films, but I still was rivited to the screen, and sad to think that we are unlikely to see a 4th book/film (unless the author's family and girlfriend settle their differences over his nearly finished 4th book he was completing when he died).

    Also got to see a sneak of the new political thriller "Fair Game" last night. This one stars Sean Penn and Naomi Watts and is based on the real story of diplomate Joseph Wilson and his CIA officer wife Valerie Plame. It is a great story about how the work that was being done by the CIA in the search for evidence of WMDs in Iraq (to justify the war) was co-opted by officials in the Bush White House, with Plame's CIA identity deliberately and illegally released to the press as part of this strategy, ending her career. Both of these actors just chewed up the scenery and gave great performances. This is one to be sure to see, regardless of your political beliefs.


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    Tonight I watched

    I collect these martial arts movies

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    "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane". It's an old b&w, I think from the 40's. Joan Crawford plays a mistreated para. I loved it.

    "Paradise Road", an older Glen Close movie-Awesome!

    "Saw 3D"..HORRIBLE..I hope it's really over now!

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    Saw Morning Glory and frankly I was disappointed. I love both Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton, but I thought they were both miscast in this. Harrison Ford seems to be getting type-cast into playing grumpy old men rather than romantic leads now as he is getting older....needs to seriously look at what roles he is getting. Sean Connery does not have this problem. There were a few laughs, but I kept checking my watch during the show (a sure sign that I am not really enjoying the film).

    I also saw For Colored Girls (the film version of the play "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf.") this weekend. Definitely a "women's film", but I thought it was wonderfully cast, and very emotionally moving. They integrated the poetry from the play into the film in a much different way, but it was still effective. I recommend this, but take a hanky. I wept through the last 1/3 of the film!


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    Hi Everyone
    Just Watched a movie called John Adams
    Very nice and touching documentary .

    Sincerely ;

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    I saw a sneak preview of The Next Three Days with Russell Crowe. Gripping movie, lots of action, suspense, and some good acting too. Interesting to see this and compare it to Conviction, which both deal with family members attempts to help someone wrongly convicted of murder. Of course Conviction is based on a true story, and this one is a remake of a French film, Pour Elle (2007). Liam Neeson has a very small cameo role that is very good too.

    Also saw Unstoppable today. I was an exciting film, and I always like to watch Denzel Washington. Lots of fancy photography and special effects in this one. An entertaining afternoon.

    Looking forward to seeking a sneak of 127 Hours later this week.


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    OK, got to see a sneak of 127 Hours today. You have to see this movie!! Definitely one of the top films of the year, and should garner an Oscar nomination (or 3 or 4). James Franco was fantastic and gave an award-winning performance (nearly a one-man film). Danny Boyle's directing was once again great, and both the camera work and the editing were superb.

    Just as a warning, about 3/4 of the way through the film is a pretty bloody and explicit scene of the actual cutting that may be a little too intense for some ...although I thought it was excellent.

    Watch for a cameo appearance of the real Aron at the end of the film too.


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    Tonight Oldie but goodie
    Bruce Lee
    Big Boss

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    Tonight we watched a wonderfull movie called

    Had some buttery popcorn and really enjoyed the old sailing ships

    Sincerely ;

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    this movie called Low
    about a guy and demons. It was good.

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