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Thread: Last Movie You Watched?

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    Requiem for a Dream. Wow, I thought it sucked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    Requiem for a Dream. Wow, I thought it sucked.
    Seriously? It's one of my faves. What didn't you like?
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    I liked Requiem for a Dream, but it's one of those movies you can't watch much more than once.

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    So long and thanks for all the fish....ROFL "The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy"
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    Maybe I just wasn't in the mood to be pummeled by despair? I love a good junkie movie, like Trainspotting. RFAD felt like the characters had no endearing qualities beyond beauty, and omg it was humor-free. The camera work etc. was stunning, I loved the chop a line-snort-eyeballs dilated sequences. But the story bummed me clear the hell out, 100% fail rate on those characters.

    And I never heard of a diet pill addict going that batshit. Electroshock? C'mon.

    The cast was really good too...

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    Date Night-good movie, funny.

    Back up Plan - good movie also
    “If everybody's thinking alike, somebody isn't thinking.” Gen. Patton

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    Someplace between Nowhere and Goodbye
    I've Loved You So Long

    Starring Kristin Scott Thomas. It's a French filmed movie, with sub titles. It was excellent.
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    Those are on my list, Susie Q.

    "It's Complicated" was a good one. Gotta love Meryl!

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    Saw a sneak preview of Letters to Juliette last week. I must admit I am a sucker for a good romance (yes, even a chick flick). In addition to having a chance to see the great Vanessa Redgrave once again, the scenery is will make you want to call your travel agent and go to Italy immediately!

    I understand it is opening pretty widely on 5/15/10 in the USA.


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    Watched The Hurt Locker last week and found it totally engrossing; a peek into the extraordinary, adrenaline-fueled life of an Iraq war bomb defuser. Each bomb becomes progressively more complex, presenting not just logistical problems but ethical and emotional ones as well.

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