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Thread: Last Movie You Watched?

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    i love classic movies.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button .. loved it. Surprised it was passed over at the Golden Globe awards.
    I do really want to see this but am not sure I will get back to a theatre while it is still playing. I may have to wait for the dvd. I read the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald a few years ago and really liked it.

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    I watched The Curious Case of Benjamen Button online yesterday, it was fantastic, I am also surprised it was passed over at the Golden Globes. I did like Revolutionary Road a bit more though.
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    I just watched Grand Torino, that had a very sad yet fairly predictable ending, it was almost as good as Eastwood's last acting/directing gig in Million Dollar Baby.
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    Benjamin Button seemed like it played forever.
    I saw the Daniel Craig movie Defiance the other day. It was cool since it's a true story.

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    Just got home from seeing Marley and Me. An entertaining movie but take some tissue, I shed a few tears. Such a cute, devil of a dog.
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    The last two movies I watched were Pineapple Express which was absolutely hilarious and if you've ever been a pothead is one of the best movies ever made, and Righteous Kill which was a pretty good movie but a little bit predictable. I saw Gran Tarrino a few days ago and thought it was an excellent movie. The and really surprised me.
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    I saw Gran Torino.. I loved it! Not to shabby.

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    I am having a movie marathon today because I am not feeling well.
    I watched Boys on the Side, and now I am half way through the Harry Potter series and I plan to watch the Lethal Weapon series next.
    The last new movie I watched was In the Land of Women with Meg Ryan. I watched it in Cuba in spanish with english subtitles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexAgain View Post
    I plan to watch the Lethal Weapon series next.

    Good plan. I loved the era of the big, low-CGI action movie. Die Hards, Lethal Weapons, Con Air.

    A friend and I have been honing the DVD running order for an actionfest.

    EVERYTHING is comic book nowadays. Don't get me wrong, I loved Dark Knight and Iron Man but we need a new action hero in the Bruce Willis/Mel Gibson mould.
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