Movies I saw this week (Cinema Society previews):

Lars and the Real Girl
This film is very quirky, but hilarious. Ryan Gosling puts in a stellar performance as a very shy man who lives in his brother's garage. He buys a sex doll and develops a persistent delusion that she is a real woman....and his family, friends, doctor and town decide to play along with him. Patricia Clarkson plays his compassionate and caring physician. Not for everyone, but it was a hit for the Society (for the most part).

The Kite Runner
Lots of security for this last night due to the issues over the safety of the child actors (still in Afghanistan). It was very faithful to the book, beautifully filmed and well acted. I would recommend reading the book first though, as without it some of the movie will be a little confusing. They had to cut a lot of the story simply to keep the time down to less than 2 hours. Take your Kleenex!