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Thread: Last Movie You Watched?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbinny View Post
    The Other Guys.

    Hands down the WORST movie I've ever seen. Honestly, I couldn't even finish it and I wanted to like it.
    I agree--had high hopes for this one, too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashley View Post
    Black Swan...amazing! Beautiful dancing, amazing story, symbolism, just ah, great stuff.
    I was concerned this movie was going to be too dark and depressing. Glad to see a positive review.

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    I had an 80s dance night and watch Flashdance followed by Footloose
    C3/4 Brown Sequard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patty41 View Post
    I was concerned this movie was going to be too dark and depressing. Glad to see a positive review.
    I mean it's not a happy ending, but I just related to it a lot and thought the story-telling was done well.
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    Blue Valentine with Ryan Gosling and Michele Williams.

    Boy, could I relate to that movie! It's about a woman married to a loser from the beginning, only she didn't realize it at first.

    Like I said, touched a nerve.

    Excellent description from the comments section:
    .. everything about it is incredibly inspired and brave and poetic. the acting is astounding (i can't remember the last time i saw 2 movie stars be so raw)... the honest, unflinching portrayal of a real relationship is something you don't see much ..
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    Just watched Clint Eastwood
    Grand Torino

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    I liked Grand Torino. It got some criticism for being predictable, but Clint Eastwood is still hot.

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    Soft spoken Clint, there will never be another like him! I was wondering if he was trying to tell us that would be his last movie?
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    He is and will always be one of my favorites
    Oldtimer I dont know if this will be his last movie
    I hope not

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    He is also an excellent pianist. There was a series on blues musicians on PBS and he directed one of them if I recall correct.

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