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Thread: can i cut a stimulite cushion

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    can i cut a stimulite cushion

    i found a stimulite cushion on ebay its a inch to long will that matter isthere a way to cut the back corners out like i did on my jay 2 thanks
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    I have cut the sides...but not the front or the back. If you are talking about a classic, then you may not have any issues with that...but....if it is a contour you would because of the "dump" that the cushion has and the troughs in the front for the legs.
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    yes, you can cut them.

    ideally you should use a hot knife to do so.

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    yes its a classic on ebay says its never been used but not sure on how old it is heres a link to it
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    I've cut the sides b4 and the front, on an XS Contour. I angled to front with a second cut, like OEM. Also, I took 1/2 the width I wanted off of one side and the other half off the other in order to keep the isch pocket right in the center. FWIW, this ruined my cushion . My pressure mapping on it went of OK to HELL NO! It created powerful pressure on my trochs' by taking it too narrow, even though my butt was till on it. Live and learn.

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    Have you contacted Supracor to see if they can modify the cushion for you? And don't forget that you'll need a new cover.

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