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Thread: food ,appetite and weight

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    food ,appetite and weight

    food,appetite and weight.....
    damn i eat a lot 5-6 times per day as well 6-8 daily ...still skiny 145 lbs ,,,why?6 years 10 month complete sci c6-c7 ...
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    sounds like you have a high metabolism adi.

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    What kind of meals are you eating? Healthy meals or junk food?
    Just venturing a guess here, but 6 to 8 beers a day might not be all that conducive to being healthy--if you really are drinking that much.

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    Judging from your pre injury pics, you were always thin, right?

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    Wow, I'm a C6-7 incompl. At the time of my injury I was 5'10" and 175 pounds. I'm two years post and last month I was weighed at Spaulding, 255 pounds! HELP!!!

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