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Thread: Play station 3 steering wheel question!

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    Play station 3 steering wheel question!

    Hey is there a wheel for racing games that doesn't have the foot pedals for brake and gas? I picked up GT5 and the basic controller isn't working that well to drive with. I'd like to use a wheel but they all seem to have foot controls I miss tracking my car so thought I'd try gaming. Any ideas? Strap the brake and gas to the wheel for thumb use?

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    I decided to buy the wheel and will try pressing the brake and gas pedals with my left hand and steer with my right. Just like driving IRL.

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    Are you using the logitech driving force gt? I have that, but not gt5. On grid I have the stick shift foward for gas and back for brake. Seems to work okay.

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    u could setup a hand control on your desk, lol

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    Yes I got the Driving Force GT, so far I'm just using the buttons on the wheel for gas/brake. I need to make a platform for the wheel as it doesn't sit on my lap to well. I was going to order Grid then my wife came home with a used copy of GT5 that she found while out shopping. I've been enjoying the cyber track time. I think it's pretty realistic except for braking and turning, you can't turn and threshold brake like it allows you to.

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