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Thread: what do you all do for work? how many are self employed?

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    araitn, do you have a lower motor neuron bowel? Have you tried using imodium to reduce accidents? That is the only thing that works for me (imodium & fibercon) - I also have bowel movements several times a day but as long as I keep the stool firm I can make it to the bathroom before it becomes an accident. Mike
    Yeah, I have a lower motor neuron bowel. I have no feeling of an imminent bowel movement (accident), so I don't know about it until after it has happened. I'm with you on trying to keep the stool on the firm side.

    Quote Originally Posted by arndog View Post
    araitn - I am just throwing this out to you. You could consider getting a colostomy and then have no more 'accidents'. I have a descending colostomy and irrigate every other day - takes 30 minutes and I never have to carry anything in the bag. I know it sounds radical but , it is worth thinking about...
    good luck.
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    Have you thought of going for colostomy surgery? Talk to your doctor and ask what he/she thinks about the idea if it would help you or not with your bowel problem.
    I have entertained the idea of getting a colostomy; however, since my sci was only 15 months ago, I don't want to go that route anytime soon. It seems a little drastic at this point. I do have good knowledge of life with a colostomy, as one of my good friend's from work has one and he is very open in talking about it. He has actually aked me if I have considered getting one in the future, but he agrees that it is a little too early to pursue. He's quite the character...... if I was getting on to him a little hard at work, he would threaten to give his bag a puff....... not a pleasing situation for one's nostrils!

    Thanks for the replies guys.
    T11 incomplete

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    right on, you guys! this is a very positive thread. this is good archive material to help point the way. keep em' coming. any questions, let em' fly. steve.

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    I play bass. sometimes the band gets paid a little. I used to take care of horses for people. I would love to be self employed, and believe I have a great idea for what I want to do too. I want to have a practice place. where bands rent practice space, or music teachers can give lessons. I even have a potential partner too, but who is going to give a couple gimps on ssd a business loan?

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