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    My partner and I are considering learning massage. We have heard that certain aspects of massage can be very beneficial. Can u suggest appropriate massage.


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    Moving this to Care. Please complete your profile so we know something about you. Do you or your partner have a disability? What kind?


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    Im not exactly sure how this thing works. Ive posted several times b4. I do have Familial Spastic Paraplegia. Im 33. I was diagnosed not long ago. So far it has only effected me mildly. I am able to walk but I cant run fully. I do not lift my toes fully and I have a weak bladder.

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    my PT utilizes massage therapy/ laser therapy/ bowen therapy/ and some other stuff, I think Rhaikii is on that list. I had that done twice.
    My personal experience with this type of PT/massage has been "effective" ... in the means that it makes me feel better , even be it for one short hour/week.
    I have to travel 1.5 hours to get there, otherwise I would attempt to go twice a week. My schedule doesn't really permit me to do so, anyways... I work full time, I have to take classes since I had to change jobs, I have two sons and I'm not well, I get AD A LOT!

    Anyways, massage therapy makes me feel better... anything that could possibly make me feel better I will try

    I know this isn't very helpful, but wanted to let you know that my experience with massage therapy is a positive one

    good luck


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    I get an hour massage twice a week from two different studios here in MI. I can not speak enough of the benefits of massage. They usually do deep tissue and range of motion on my legs and kneading of my legs muscles to help with blood flow.
    I am going to have reflexology done soon, which I have heard has benefits.
    Reiki has been done to me and I did not get much from that.
    The benefits of each massage usually lasts a day and a half. Overall well being, less spacticity, better flexibility, along with others.
    Fortunately I have met some great girls who are professional therapists that agreed to donate their time to help me.
    Amazing stuff. Give it a shot.

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