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Thread: Thanks you everyone

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    Cathy: I am sorry for your loss. Please stay and post during these difficult times if you need to. May you find comfort in the memories of your lives together.
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    I am so sorry for your loss. Like others have said, I am glad we could help you both in some way, and hopefully we can help you during this difficult time as well.
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    Very sorry for your loss. Please continue to post if it gives you comfort.

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    I am glad you were here, albeit without posting, to learn from our collective experiences. I am so, so sorry to hear of your husband's death, that is a constant fear of mine, and so I am sending lots and lots of good thoughts to you. I visited New Zealand last year, too bad I didn't know of you then, perhaps we could have met up. With my sympathy to you and your family, Ami
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    My sympathies go out to you. As Ami says, that's one of my big fears too. Please consider staying posting if you want to.


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    Cathy, so sorry for the loss of your husband. This can be a wonderful, supporting "family", and I'm glad to hear it was a help to you. Thoughts and prayers, Lynne

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    Very sorry for your loss Cathy. You obviously loved your husband deeply to come here seeking info and support to improve quality of life. Condolences.

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    I am so sorry for your loss.
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    I'm sorry for the loss of your husband, wishing you strength in your grieving.

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    Many thanks for your expressions of kindness, support and prayers. I`m unable to go into all the details, everything happened so fast, and its hard to gives just one part to explain and understand what happened. I`m posting as it may be of use to others. As a caregiver we`d problem solve together, you have many SCI health ups and downs but it usually worked out okay, and then it just goes all wrong. My husband died of a perforated gastric ulcer, he had no change in appetite, no nausea or vomiting, no bowel changes, no abdominal pain, extreme low blood pressure was normal. He developed accute neck pain radiating across both shoulders which resolved with 2 Panadol, then the pain returned. He had seen his SCI specialist team in November 2008, as something wasn`t right but unsure what, had MRI showing chronic small syrinxes and cysts, with medicaion started for neuropathic pain. He was taking enteric coated Asprin 100mgs for a past DVT. After surgery his recovery was hindered by muscle spasms which he had always managed with passive exercises, so this general body tightening, resulted in difficulty breathing. He had stopped some years ago taking Baclofen and Terazoin as it relaxed his diaphragmn too much and couldn`t breathe. We weren`t aware of SCI person being at risk of this or how the muscle spasms could have been managed better after the surgery. My husband was a mentally strong and courageous person. He amazed me with all the lovely things he said to me, family and friends before he died. He was pleased his seat was guaranteed for the World Cup Rugby in 2011. I have some great memories I will treasure a lifetime.

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