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Thread: Discomfort and pain staring above the injury site

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    Unhappy Discomfort and pain staring above the injury site

    I have a complete T7 paraplegia resulting from an accident 26 years ago. A recent problem is an apparent increase in skin sensitivity above my injury in my "normal" skin which my doctor and I deduced was because I was overweight and consequently my skin just below my chest is folding over and rubbing against itself and my clothes getting caught there too. Also my mattress has deteriorated and I need a new one - I try to sleep on the sofa now and refuse to get into bed I am so uncomfortable there. My back rubs on my wheelchair handles because I'm overweight and is really sore. I am getting little sleep and feel constantly uncomfortable.

    So I am going to try to get much fitter and therefore thinner for this and general health reasons.

    I have tried talcom (baby) powder, 3B jelly and xylocaine all giving very limited relief.

    But it is getting so bad, more like pain, that I am suspecting some other problem including a spinal cyst damaging nerves feeding the area above the injury.

    I have a dermatologist appointment booked and am going to my neurologist for an MRI of the injury site.

    Any ideas anybody?

    Thanks -hope you all had a great Christmas.

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    You'll have to follow up with your doc on the possibility of neuro issues.

    For your skin irritation I have one recommendation you might try. It has the weirdest name, Anti-Monkeybutt Powder. It's very soothing and IMO a better option than regular baby powder.

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