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Thread: New T12 burst fracture -info needed

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    Cool New T12 burst fracture -info needed

    I had an accident on Nov 15. Airlifted to hospital and then 8 hour surgury upon arrival. I have a Burst fracture at T12. A cage was placed between T11 and L1. They said I did not sever or nick the spinal cord and the sheath ( whatever that is) was not damaged. I also injured both arms and am currently in a nursing home waiting for arms to heal. I have had a log of tingling in legs and was able to early on to move a toe. I now have sever pain in both my legs, butt and groin. Burning and very painful.. can not seem to get it under control. What is this? is it a good sign that I will walk again or is it not a good sign.

    I can not find any information that is helpful on possible prognosis. Can anyone help?

    Thank you in advance. I am 39 and was healthy and active when accident happened.

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    Unfortunately the symptoms you describe sound like neuropathic pain which all of us, at least most of us was spinal cord injurie have. There is a forum here specifically for pain where you'll find all sorts of information about neuropathic pain, including drugs that work and drugs that don't work in treating it. I wish it was good news for you and I'm sure someone here can chime in and let you know exactly what causes it but I don't remember. The typical drug to help with this kind of pain is called Neurontin which is an anticonvulsant drug. I've had experience trying every kind of opiate drug to try to eliminate my pain was very little results in eliminating it so I've just learned to live with what I've got.s
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    Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.

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    It sounds like you do have significant spinal cord damage. It is not necessary to "nick or severe" the spinal cord to get this, in fact most injuries to the spinal cord are due to bruising, crushing, decreased blood flow, etc. to the cord and not due to cutting or severing of the cord.

    Why are you in a nursing home instead of an acute rehab center? Are you uninsured? What state are you in?

    You need to be working with a physiatrist (physician who specializes in rehabilitation) with expertise in SCI. Rybread is right. There are drugs used specifically for the type of neuropathic pain you describe. Neurontin and Lyrica are the two most common. It would also be very important to get follow-up studies on your surgery to be sure that you do not have nerve root impingement that could contribute to the type of pain you describe. Have you seen a neurosurgeon since your surgery? Had a follow up MRI?


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    I wondered too why you are not in a rehab after such an operation, and injury.

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    Welcome to cc...
    Hang in there.
    coolbreeze c6/7

    Keep on moving don't stop!

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    I'm injured therer too. don't have time now but I will post a thread about T12's later

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    Welcome to the site, Pooh. I also have a similar injury. I had burst fractures at T12, L1, and L5. I am fused from T10 to L2. We're close in age too, as I'm 41.

    The bad news is that what you're experiencing is most likely neuropathic pain, as others have stated. I like to call mine "neuropathic pain from hell". I have a severe, sharp burning sensation in my left sacral area that is about the size of a softball. My butt, entire left leg, right leg below the knee, and both of my feet have the numb, burning, tingling sensation at all times. It never goes away, but the intensity will vary. In addition, probably 4 or 5 days a week, I will have a sharp, electrical, stabbing, shooting pain that mostly originates in my burning spot in my left sacrum and then it usually runs down my left leg. And, finally, at random times, I'll have pain in any part of my body below my injury level that I would compare to what I think it would feel like to be shot or zapped by a taser. I've not had any luck with any of the drugs for paiin relief (Neurontin, Lyrica, Oxycontin, Valium, Tramadol, etc.). Hopefully, you will find a drug that will work for you, as some of them provide relief for others.

    The good news is that it is possible that you may walk again. Keep in mind that everyone is different. With having a lower level injury, with therapy and some sort of leg braces, you may be able to walk. It may not be a functional walk or it may progress to a somewhat functional walk. With HKAFO (hip, knee, ankle, foot, orthotic) initially and KAFO later, I was able to "walk" with a walker for about 500 feet before I would tire out. It is not a functional walk, it is more of an exercise for the leg muscles and bones. However, I haven't "walked" in quite some time as the pain has hindered the process.

    As SCI Nurse and others have stated, you need to get into a good SCI rehab facility and work with a physiatrist. You should be doing range of motion exercises, working with weights to strengthen your upper body (after your arms heal), standing in a standing frame, and being evaluated for leg braces if practical. Also, have you received a wheelchair evaluation and do you currently have a wheelchair?

    Just some information and thoughts. I hope you have a successful recovery and find some relief for your nerve pain. Hang in there!

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    check this thread it has alot of T 12 stuff

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    Thankyou to everyone!! Very Helpful information. In a Sniff due to both arms had surgury and can not wait bear for another few months. Will then go to in-house Rehab At Harbor View, Seattle WA for couple months. Has anyone with T12 injury been able to regain Bowels?

    Thanks again

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    Pooh, sorry about the accident and hope your arms will heal soon so you can go to SCI rehab, the sooner the better for you.

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