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Thread: Recipies for avoiding/treating sores/skin issues

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    you have a pressure sore-- get off of it. turn in bed at times lying on your back. this shouldn't hurt your break down. From what i have read here you might try a TENS unit. It promotes blood supply. Once the sore is healed use Bag balm on the area that gets breakdowns. While you have a sore I found sanytl ointment works very well. Drink plenty of protein along with your diet.

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    SKIN RUSH & Redness
    I have from time to time -during very hot days especially - skin rush & redness that is forming around my tailbone and goes sometimes deeper on my butt cheeks. The cream that REALLY helps me - here in Canada is Viaderm KC and there is equivalent for USA users will be Kenacomb

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    Quote Originally Posted by comad View Post
    SKIN RUSH & Redness
    Rash, not rush.


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    Hey guys, back with more info on the staph thing. I am still using hibiclens and sulfur soap in the shower. When the staph breakout happens, it's not all over, usually just smaller spots on shoulders and arms. (but still a nuisance) So, I did research on other possible remedies. There is research on the topical effectiveness of essential Valencia orange oil and non-medical articles on the topical application of essential lemongrass oil. I can tell you that upfront, I thought this was voodoo quackery, but I bought the lemongrass essential oil and damned if it didn't work straight away! I'm not even talking about multiple applications throughout the day either. (although I'm sure this would be more effective)

    Anyway, here is the mini abstract on the Valencia oil I forgot where the lemongrass ones are. These specific oils are not that expensive, I found the lemongrass oil for 8.50 for 4oz and the orange is even cheaper. I think those prices were on 1800essentialoils (I think) but as always, Google is your friend. The sky is the limit for some of these prices so do your research.

    Maybe KLD has some anecdotal success stories with patients in these?

    Hope this helps someone.
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    Ok, sorry for reposting on the same topic, I thought I could simply add/edit the one above/below. I combined the sweet orange (Valencia) essential oil with the Lemongrass essential oil and not only is it drying out the staph bumps/ spots, it is drying out/shrinking the scars too. The results are blowing me away.

    What I forgot to mention is that the oils are not soothing, they burn. Be very careful when applying them to your skin and don't go in the sun after application. My research stated to mix with a "carrier oil" like grape seed or coconut oil but I said the hell with that.

    I hope this information gets out there because many hospital/nursing home/immune compromised patients would benefit from using the oils.

    Some of these oils are WAYYY overpriced. I found 8 oz of Sweet Orange oil delivered for $11 The Lemongrass was a little more. Some vendors want $30 for 15ml of this stuff. Do your research but absolutely buy from well reviewed vendors as the oils are easily compromised
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    What about a round possibly surface fungal issue?
    C4/5 incomplete, 17 years since injury

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    Quote Originally Posted by KyleP2112 View Post
    What about a round possibly surface fungal issue?
    Cutaneous candidiasis (skin yeast infection) are fairly common in moist folds such as under the breasts in women, in the groin, armpit, or between the thighs. They are often associated with incontinence of urine or stool, or excessive sweating. They are more common in people with diabetes, so if you have these often, you should be screened for this chronic disease.

    As far as treatment, if the skin is dry and scaly, a antifungal cream (Nystatin) may be best. If moist, then an antifungal powder (Nystatin) may be better, but care should be taken to not let it cake (it should be only lightly dusted in place and any excess brushed off). For severe infections, a short course of oral antifungal medication (Diflucan) may be needed. This requires a prescription from your PCP.


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    I mostly lurk on this forum, but thought I would contribute my experience with my first sore. I'm starting my 25th year as a para and this is my first sore that required treatment. I've had bruises, a few red spots on ankles, but this is the first open wound. Aging with SCI is not a great experience and increased danger of skin issues is an unfortunate reality. I believe I caused the sore by slightly missing a transfer and scraping my butt on my handcycle. The sore was right above the end of my tailbone in my ass crack. I really couldn't see this area with a mirror. It probably had been there a while before I noticed the oozing. Nasty, I know, but be aware that you can't see everything with a mirror.

    Anyway, to say I was pissed off would be a major understatement. Damn it, I take care of myself, this isn't supposted to happen! I thought about home treatment, but reluctantly went to my primary care doc and he referred me to the wound care clinic. They said I caught if before it became a code red, which was a relief. They cleaned it thoroughly and then dressed it with a product call MediHoney. They also use a pad called a Mepilex Border with Safetac technology. I would recommend both of these products. Since the wound was not on an area that I sat on, I was able to mostly continue with my everyday routine, but did have to get back in bed on my side for a few hours every day during the first couple weeks. I'm pretty active and this was a depressing turn of events. The dressing was changed after every shower (every other day) and I was able to lightly cleanse the wound using baby shampoo.

    I'm now six weeks into treatment. I no longer have to use a dressing or pad and the wound is nearly healed. Knock on wood and thank my lucky stars that I caught the damn thing early. So, here are my lessons learned: 1) Plan each transfer and take a breath before hoisting yourself (or being hoisted) anywhere, 2) Acknowledge that you and your skin are getting older and increase your vigilance, 3) See a doctor immediately if you have an issue, even if you hate going to the doctor, and 4) If you can't see everywhere with a mirror, at least feel around for a rough spot, wetness of any kind, or a hot spot. Get someone's help, if you have that option.

    I might post pictures, if anyone is interested. They are just pictures of some guy's ass crack, but they do show progression from discovery to healing.

    Be vigilant, do weight shifts religiously, and watch your transfers!

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    Any solution for walkers who sit to work

    Quote Originally Posted by smapple View Post
    A guy here in Austin tells me he had his butt bones shaved to get rid of the high points.
    I second "are you serious".

    You should require defect free seat design. I.e. uniform pressure and zero shear force.

    Zero shear can be achieved with a squeeze angle of about 80deg (according to Glide Rehabilitation Products). Having an acute angle prevents you from tending to slide out of the chair and also provides better stability for those with limited trunk control so that you don't stack and break bones. The back also supports you so there is no shear force. The whole thing is reclined so that you fall back in to the char rather than slump forward.

    Cushions can only work if you first eliminate shear. Then there are cut-out, memory foam, gel and pneumatic ones.

    The best ones are the ones that provide uniform pressure without needing expensive customisation, are durable and reliable.

    I have a Trulife Easy cushion in chair, but it only works when I use it! However, I do get spaz on it if I am wearing extra layers.

    The Trulife Easy has gel inside memory foam in low friction HDPE bag with stretchy cover to reduce shear force.

    The problem is I rely on DermaBrief when I am not in the chair and it does not work that well and it is the thin tissue over coccyx (tail bone) that goes bad. My office chair does not have a cutout for the coccyx.

    GP told me to go for walks regularly. I.e. stay off my butt.

    There is some open literature on foam cut-out and other designs that I have read:

    "Clinical trial of foam cushions in the prevention of decubitis ulcers in elderly patients", REMY LIM, M .A., ROBENA SIRETT, B .Sc., TALI A . CONINE, D .H .Sc ., and DAWN DAECHSEL, B .S.R., O.T.


    "Seat Cushion Selection", Martin W. Ferguson-Pell, PhD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizabella View Post
    For the person who asked about the rashing and skin breakdown under his wife's breasts and in her groin, I have that problem sometimes and what works for me is to wash that area at least once a day with vinegar or vinegar in some water. The smell doesn't stay but it keeps those areas from getting rashy, smelly and sore. It also clears up a rash but it burns like the devil for a little while. I'd rather prevent the rash. But it will clear up a rash overnight.

    Another good remedy for rashes in those areas is to use plain yogurt applied to the skin after washing and drying it.

    Coconut Oil works well, too.

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