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Thread: Recipies for avoiding/treating sores/skin issues

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    Recipies for avoiding/treating sores/skin issues

    OK, let's see if I can contribute another potential stickie thread of use to the community. Since skin issues are EVEN MORE a universal issue than UTI's, therefore, I propose we use this thread to contribute what we found to be successful for each of us. This doesn't replace a doctor's visit or wound care consult, just tips and pointers that worked for us. There are a range of issues here so I suggest you bold in the upper title box what particular stage, issue you are contributing for.


    Most of us in the summer time have issues with heat rash. I have to worry about it year round so here is what I do. I use a paste mixture of Desitin
    and Caldesene powder. Both of these contain zinc oxide and after applying to groin, I put some extra powder on top. No issues, no problems.

    In the summer I use Zeasorb (anti-fungal) powder ONLY (no paste) which apparently gives cancer to mice in California. (I'm a man in New Jersey so I should be fine)
    I do not use a paste because it just gets swampy.

    There is another powder on the market that I have not tried. Anti-Monkeybutt (I shit you not) It is a Calamine lotion powder that race car drivers use. It is a little pricey so until it comes down a little, I'll skip it.


    Besides pressure reliefs, diet is key. When I was at Magee, I met their Nutritionist who worked on the team to develop specific supplements
    to treat and prevent pressure sores.

    Pro-source plus (packet or liquid) provides 15 grams of gluten and lactose free protein per two tablespoons. It isn't cheap, 4 32oz bottles cost me $113 but only $4 shipping. As long as your diet allows, you could save more money by going with a weight trainers protein mix (Muscle Milk etc) that would taste better and put some weight on you if at high risk. (I have a gluten issue so I need to get my protein from Hemp, Milk,[lactose free] Meat or Eggs.)

    Other products helped develop at Magee are Vitament, ArgiMent and Argiten
    these are often combined and as far as I know, used at every stage of sore.

    Here is the best priced website I have found that would give more info.

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