This is extremely helpful. I think I am confused though.

*Question - As a woman, I am getting heat rash on the inside of my legs. Then my groin. and redness under my breasts, ( I never thought about that.). so, powder? or Desitin cream would be better? or udderly smooth? Will the powder help better with moisture?

I was using hydrogen peroxide and then anti-biotic ointment in a couple of areas.

My PT is looking at the Comfort Company Vector Cushion, high profile. I guess upon the skin integrity check I was already red in the wrong areas and one hip sits higher than the other.

My PT said 1 minute ever 10 minutes pressure relief would be excellent if I would get into that habit.

*often I use pure lavender oil for small bug bites, scrapes etc. I am amazed how well. one tiny little drop. but I would consult a naturopath.

*I am an avid moisture freak. I use a Dial extra dry skin/shea butter lotion, I use coconut oil mixed with a couple of drops of lavender oil, sometimes I use a vitamin E oil/cream. I use pure Aloe Vera if my legs are inflamed as it cools too. Depends on what I have in the moment. or I use what is close throughout the day. Next to the bed. side table. etc. I use it throughout the day.