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Thread: Recipies for avoiding/treating sores/skin issues

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    HUGE HUGE HUGE!!! I wish I could bold this whole post!!

    Desitin has saved my ass (actually my crotch) after coming out of the hospital after a few days.
    I can't sing the praises of it enough. (Just keep it away from your anus, trust me)

    Awesome Liz!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lizbv View Post
    Nystop powder is good if you sweat a lot or have possible moisture issues. Your doctor prescribes it.

    If you have a rash, creamy Desitin works good to clear it up.

    If you have a open sore, Johnson & Johnson makes a product called "Prisma", it is a wafer. The wafer turns in to gel, and in turn creates skin cells. You'll be amazed how quickly it heals.

    Try to take all pressure off the wound and keep it clean.

    Always Consult a doctor first, even if you think their clueless! Just to get a professional "opinion" is best. They might suprise you.
    And the truth shall set you free.

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    Thanks Lizbv and no decaf,
    I had never heard of that wafer Prizma either , I have an appointment on Monday , that was as fast as they could get me in to the wound care clinic at the hospiitol.
    I spoke to the administrator and she said that they have quite a few SCI people that they have helped, I will mention the Prizma pads as well..
    Also I tried the desitin ointment on the rash and it is almost gone after just 2 days,I have not been putting anything on the sore yet, they want to see me before they advise anything,I will call around to see if I can get some unless it is prescription only..
    Also I used to get in the pool every few days in the summer and that really kept dead skin and rashes down, I wonder if I should go in the pool now or not ,the soaking and chlorine always kept rashes a problems away I just have not been in in awhile..
    Thanks For Info

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    Chlorophyll Ointment - GREAT STUFF FOR SORES!!

    I've gotten so much useful info from this site over the years. Now, it's my turn to contribute something.
    I've had scar tissue on my butt break down 3 times now over the last 5 years. Each time, it takes weeks or months of laying around trying to stay off my butt it until it finally heals.

    I HATE LYING around!

    I love my doc. He's been a conventional family practitioner for 30 years and is slowing becoming more and more holistic in his approach. He says he has seen how well natural treatments work in his patients over the years - that's why he's changing his approach.

    He suggested I use Chlorophyll ointment on my sore. He said it would help with new skin growth, to fill in the sore. It can be applying directly to the sore.

    I started using it a week ago and I'm tellin ya, THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS!!

    It's called Chlorophyll Complex Ointment made by Standard Process

    Good luck!

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    Another good wound healer medicine called Santyl. It debrides the wound and acts an enzyme. It works by helping to break up and remove dead skin and tissue. This effect may also help antibiotics to work better and speed up the healing process.

    I wanted to add about the Prisma that it's best in an area that is moist or open skin (like after washing it with soap and water, or being in the shower), then it will turn into a gel. If a scab forms, it's best to have it removed and the Prisma will work better. If anybody wants to try Prisma, I can send you a wafer.

    GaryV, how did your appointment go?
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    the sore looks like it got a little bigger after the duo derm but I think it just looks that way now because the top came off of it with the duo derm,,
    they said it looked good and might be a few weeks to heal, I have to go in every week until healed..they said stage 2 but just throught the top layer and not too deep.So stuck in bed for 2 or 3 weeks it looks like..Also I asked them about prisma and they say it works great but that my sore was not deep enough to use it .they just recomend duoderm changed when needed and that it looked more like i hit it than from pressure...

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    pressure sores

    we used santyl then optase to clear the sore up.

    Now, he puts A&D ointment on every night and most mornings to protect the skin. The Remedy was expensive and didn't do a whole lot. I get the generic A&D at Wal-Mart for $2 a tube and it works great.
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    As for us, we swear by Bag Balm. Always worked great.
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    A guy here in Austin tells me he had his butt bones shaved to get rid of the high points.

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    dr.nordykes wound honey works great. i had a scab on my tail bone for two years tried everything been using this for two weeks and the scab is gone.
    Street Dreamz c.c. maryland

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    Quote Originally Posted by smapple View Post
    A guy here in Austin tells me he had his butt bones shaved to get rid of the high points.
    Are you serious?

    I had a similar thought in rehab. That they should give all us skinny crips silicone butt implants. That way it would be like sitting on an extra cusion, no matter what you are doing.

    Think medicaid will start covering butt implants?

    btw that last question was a joke, but I was and am very serious about the possible benefits of something like this.

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