HUGE HUGE HUGE!!! I wish I could bold this whole post!!

Desitin has saved my ass (actually my crotch) after coming out of the hospital after a few days.
I can't sing the praises of it enough. (Just keep it away from your anus, trust me)

Awesome Liz!

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Nystop powder is good if you sweat a lot or have possible moisture issues. Your doctor prescribes it.

If you have a rash, creamy Desitin works good to clear it up.

If you have a open sore, Johnson & Johnson makes a product called "Prisma", it is a wafer. The wafer turns in to gel, and in turn creates skin cells. You'll be amazed how quickly it heals.

Try to take all pressure off the wound and keep it clean.

Always Consult a doctor first, even if you think their clueless! Just to get a professional "opinion" is best. They might suprise you.