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Thread: Gran Torino

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    get off my the movie was not racist. it was about a racist war vet that was reluctantly befriended by the next door family from S.E. Asia that became more family to him then his own. the movie revieled where his anger and hate came from forcing him to deal with it as well as his illness. then do what he could to protect his new found family. i loved it
    Agreed, this was a great film. "I fix things, that's what I do!"
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    gooks zipper heads!!! spookes spades jigaboos
    really racist movie
    but good, hopefully obama will see it and cry himself to sleep

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    I was disappointed - as a producer/director, Eastwood usually does a more workman-like job. The dialog was incredible stilted, the acting was mediocre, the plot and characterization were not believable. It was a very manipulative film with some great punch lines, but that's about it.

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    It's the best movie I've seen so far this year.

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    I loved this movie. Only Clint E could get away with this character. It reminds me of his character in Heartbreak Ridge. Old Crusty Bastard! LOL

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    Loved the movie. I am such a Clint fan, all they have to do is point the camera at him and I am happy. It was a good twist for me that when he did go to confession, it wasn't some horrendous war crime that he needed absolution from but rather his failed relationship with his sons, that caught me off guard and gave Clint an added human element to his complex character. His evolving compassion for the neighbors was well done and the message is one of unity , not any racism.

    I thought the next door daughter acted well too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Saw this new Clint Eastwood (director and lead actor) film last night as a sneak. If you are an Eastwood fan, you should love this film. Rumor has it that this is his last film as an actor (at age 78). (KLD)
    If you saw his introduction of Morgan Freeman at the Kennedy Center Honors it's not a rumor. He was reading his few lines off a card and stumbled over most of it. He does have something lined up in Africa but I doubt it will happen.
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    He plans to continue directing and producing, but not acting. He is not planning to act in his new film about Nelson Mandela (with Morgan Freeman in the title role).


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