The Federal government has called on many States and businesses to hire people with disabilities. It is time people with disabilities called on the Federal government to do the same. Currently, less than 1 percent (0.97) are people with disabilities while there are 54 million disabled in the United States. We ask that mandates of equality begin at home for the Federal government. Change your workforce to reflect the American citizens you serve.
People with disabilities are not seeking hand-outs or pity-we seek jobs! Economic empowerment through employment is far better than continued subjugation of a people through meager government benefits. We seek a top down approach to employment of people with disabilities. Lead by example so that others may follow and shatter the dismal number of less than 1 percent Federal employees with disabilities.
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We need as many people as possible to sign, post and forward the petition. Dr. Wise Young has!

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Five Percent by 2013-No Excuses!

The Second part of 2009 efforts on behalf of people with disabilities has begun. Here is the <> petition to President Obama to increase the number of Federal employees with disabilities by five percent. We ask that you sign it and forward to others as well as share.

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We call on President of the United States Barrack Obama to employee people with disabilities at all levels of the Federal Government. Currently people with disabilities make-up less than 1 percent of the Federal workforce, this is unacceptable. We can longer afford to keep the most vulnerable in poverty by denying them jobs. America is better than that and we will prove it!
Five percent of Federal workforce to be people with disabilities by 2013, no excuses!
Together, we will send Washington a clear and unequivocal mandate to fix the unemployment problem which faces 54 million people with disabilities. We will not, we
cannot and we must not take the same lame excuses, we have for decades. Five percent-No Excuses!
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