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Thread: Enlarging photo

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    Enlarging photo

    I downloaded a photo and need to enlarge it. When I try to enlarge it gets distorted. Is there a way to do this without distorting it on the computer?
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    Free photo software:

    I was turned onto this by Capn_Gimp here at CareCure. It's worth a download!
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    Technically you can't keep the same quality when upscaling unless you're working with a vector image, which a photo is not.

    How much larger do you need it though?

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    Enlarging Photo

    Scott - The photo is about 1 1/2" x 1 1/2". I was hoping to make it a 4 x 4 to see some detail of what is on the photo. Doesn't look like I can do that by what your saying.

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    Ask the source to resend it to you in a larger version.

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