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Thread: New Car Protection

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    I lean the passenger seat forward, (not the driver's seat) and put it behind there. but, I do have a two door car so the passenger seat slides way forward.

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    In order to protect the passenger inside door and the glove box my wife bought me one of those seat/back cushions for cars or that you see taxi cab drivers use to sit on. It's black and leather so it looks fairly good. I put it between the passenger side seat and the door and flip it open so it protects the glove box also. I just fold it up and throw it in the back seat when I have a passenger. I think it was $12 - $15.

    My also wife bought me a seat cover for the passenger seat. It's black fits nicely and cost $20. I figure I can use this during the winters to protect the front seat from the slush and salt when my front casters are drying.

    Both seem to be working fairly well. I also think the extra head room in the 2009 Outback makes a difference and me being extra careful since it's a new car is helping also. I'll try and remember to re-post severals months later and see how it's working.

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    Get a roll of the 3M clear film. I've used it before for non-sci related things it works great and can easily be replaced. Most of the products today are pretty good about not yellowing in color. With that said you'll probably beat it up and replace it prior to any discoloration.

    You're pretty much S.O.L. with a four door my friend. Those Subaru doors are tiny and I can't imagine how you'd even bring a chair in through a drivers door without knicking something.

    I've got a two door Volkswagen and toss my chair in the back with the rear seats folded down. The front passenger seat slides forward which makes it easy to do and also helps hold the chair in place. I understand this doesn't help you specifically but maybe someone else. I've had my car going on almost three years and the interior looks like the day I bought it. Just one ding from the @hole who installed my hand controls on the driver side door sill.
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    I try to be careful but below my door has some scratches too. Might have to look into that tape.

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    I just bought a '05 Scion TC--the sports car model, not the box van, a month ago. After 17 years with the Nissan Sentra, I am determined not to have the same scratches and nicks under the door. Those scratches and nicks that happen when the medal of the chair hits the bottom panel under the car door while transferring to the driver's seat--those scratches are an eye sore. What I did was with the Scion was have a shop spray the hard stuff that people have sprayed in the back of their truck beds so their trucks don't get scratched when carrying stuff in the truck beds. I've had it sprayed on for about two weeks now and no scratches or dents from the chair. Prior to the liner being sprayed, I was starting to get the scratches even when I tried to put something between the medal of the chair and the lip of the door. My new car is maroon and the spray liner is black. I did it to both sides so if I ride in the car with some one else driving I won't scratch that side up as well--plus it looks more uniform. It looks really nice as if it was factory made. Sorry I don't have a digital camera otherwise I'd take a picture to show you. The guy at the shop said if I ever did scratch the liner I can bring it in and have it re-sprayed for free--that's how hard the material is that they use. For both sides it cost $175 whereas every thing else I was looking at was going to cost 200 or more. I was going to do the clear liner that is put on the hoods that decreases the chance for dents under the doors but after talking with the guy at the shop, we came up with the truck liner as a better alternative. With the clear sealant (whatever it's called) it seemed too much like thick tape. After repeated bangs of medal on medal it would wear down and I would hate to spend so much money to have it done over and over again due to it wearing down.

    I don't know what to do about your problem about scratching up your front seat area. I take the chair apart and put it in the back seat. When I drove around in the four door rental I hated it. It's too big, the door didn't open wide enough to get in. I kept hitting the door sill to get the chair into the passenger seat and scratching the front consol. I so much prefer to put the chair in the back.

    The first car I had, a Mercury Comet, was a bench seat and I had a chair that folded so I would transfer into the passenger seat and slide over to the driver's seat and pull the chair behind the passenger seat for storage. I was always loosing my pants on the slide over. When that car died (a week before I graduated from college) I got the Sentra that had bucket seats. It was not comfortable to transfer and get the chair in the old way by sliding, but you have to do what you have to do. I then got a new chair and when I ordered the new chair, the guys at the shop taught me how to transfer and get the new chair into car. It was so much easier to transfer into the driver's seat, take the chair apart and put the wheels behind the passenger seat and the body of the chair on the back seat itself. Much simpler and less hassle.

    The only thing I can recommend is to look into getting the truck liner sprayed under the sills of the door to reduce the scratches and nicks of the medal hitting medal. I am extremely happy that I did it.

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    I came across a couple of pictures of my seat protector I had intended to post earlier. Found at Babies-R-Us. Comes up the seat back a bit (just far enough to protect the seat from the Lasher 'spiked' frame end caps) and over the front a good ways down, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by DaleB View Post
    Also FWIW, I use a mat designed to go under a child car seat on the passenger seat cushion for protection there (where I rest the chair when driving). The chair sloshing around is the biggest threat, IMO. I also buckle the chair in! I can only imagine what kind of projectile that thing could turn into in during even the most simple of crashes.
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    I use some climbing rope (the thin stuff) to the exact length draped over/across the passenger seat that hooks over some part of the chair. That prevents it from moving forward and aft and is very quick to do. The side-to-side I assume can be taken care of with an old pillow or cushion between the passenger door and chair with another piece of rope from the passenger door and the left side of the passenger seat. Kinda cheesy but gets the job done. I use a minivan but I think the same concept can be applied here. Or you could try and use the passenger side seatbelt.

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    I use a pillow up against my passenger side door to protect the door and wood grain. I place a blanket in the seat to protect the interior and I have a towel that I lay down across the door sill to protect the paint while I take my chair apart. My husband put some black velcro across the interior driver side door where my chair rubs while I get in so that it protects it. It matches the interior and is hardly seen at all.
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    I'm hell on the rocker panel, but everything else I've been good at protecting. I use a blanket and put my chair in the passenger seat. Tires in the back on another blanket.
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