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Thread: portable shower

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    portable shower

    portable shower. for those of us without an accessible bathroom.

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    How much are you asking?


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    $400.00 minus shipping

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    Looks like this is not much more than a tray, a tarp and some hoses. This product is more expensive (new) but looks much more functional:


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    $735 (least expensive model), ramp $209, faucet control valve $216, automatic drain assembly $363 (least expensive model). yeah, i used an idea like this "more functional" unit before and was almost dumped each time we went up and down the ramp. the upper frame was also constantly in the way. it also required an electric pump to drain the water. dangerous even with a ground fault circuit interruptor. i knew even my idea could be made less expensive, easier, and safer. my new idea is a foldable frame (not a tray), a canvas or tarp, water supply and drain hose in one unit, adjustable valve for both showerhead and drain, and drain pump that does not use electricity. no need for a ramp, you roll right in from the floor. as a contractor before my injury, i used to do bathroom remodels, and know how little more it would cost to do a minor remodel than to buy one of those expensive portable shower units or the even more expensive fawssit shower units. tired of seeing costly products for the disabled.

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