Dr. Wise,

A very recent MRI of my cervical spine and lumbar spine found the following and I'm having a difficult time understanding what these comments mean. I was hopeful that you could help explain them. They did the MRI as I've been having the sensation of "icy hot" running down my right leg to the foot. Now I have it in both legs, the right still being worse and at times I cannot feel and have no sensation in my right leg at all! There are some times that it feels as if somebody has taken a knife, stabbed my leg and run in up my thigh. I've also had problems with total lack of muscle strength in my arms and I drop things.

On the lumbar without and with contrast he writes, "There is a mild amount of edema at the deep end of the subcutaneous fat. The significance is uncertain. There may be a minimal degenerative change in the uniform of a minimal proliferation from the L5-S1 and L4-5 facet joints."

On the MR of the Cervicial spine without and with contrast he writes, "A focal region of increased signal on the T1 and T2-weighted scans in the inferior T7 vertebral bodies likely represents a region of focial fatty marrow or hemangioma. There are also mildly enlarged lymph nodes in the upper neck. These are likely reactive in etiology."

I would greatly appreciate it if you may explain what some of this means?

Thank You so Much!!!