Saw this yesterday and it sure brought back memories of that Watergate era! I do think that if you are not old enough to remember the events around Watergate and the Nixon resignation that you probably would do well to review a little history before seeing the film, as they assume you will know who all those people like Colson, Hunt, Dean, etc. are and what they did. Maybe watching "All the President's Men" first would be one way to do this.

The performances were excellent and I esp. thought that Frank Langella was excellent. He used to act at the Old Globe in San Diego quite a bit so it is interesting for me to see him stretch into this role (which he did on Broadway as well). Michael Sheen was good, but did not do as good of a job in this as in some of his other films, I thought. I was never convinced he really got David Frost "down".

Anyone else see it? What did you think?