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Thread: Quad friendly Wii games?

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    I love the faces the little guy pulls on boxing when you punch him in face or down below (by accident.. my aim is terrible!). My scores arent very high as I get over half the points taken back off at the end for missing.. lol.. but I'm sure its helping my co-ordination somewhere along the line!

    I do better at bowling I have got 5 consecutive strikes, thats my best so far. Has anyone heard of the korinopa 2 is coming out soon or maybe already out over in US? I heard a rumour about it last year and been compatible with wii balance board. It would be an exercise similar to the table tilt one on wii fit balance section.

    Super monkey ball would be good for that too but I dont know if the latest version works with balance board.. anyone know?

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    Anyone try Grand Slam Tennis yet on the Wii? I luv it but need tips on getting pst a few control obstacles...
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    I can't find it on The website is in some other language, which makes me wonder if it is not actually nintendo...division in europe. Anyone have any more info?

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    ghost squad- is a shooter game and so is house of the dead.

    wii sports ive figured ways to play most if not all

    Need for speed!!!! thats A LOT of fun and a killer workout!!!!

    Mario kart!!!
    Mario tennis.....

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    I'm glad I found this thread. We are purchasing a Wii console for our daughter for Christmas this year. Thanks to all that replied.

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    Most of the games in wii sports resort are quad friendly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin S View Post
    Most of the games in wii sports resort are quad friendly.
    Great!! I just bought it yesterday not knowing. Blockbuster didn't have to rent so I took a chance..

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    Smile wii fit plus

    We just getting Wii fit plus over here in UK, I'm wondering whether to ask family/friend to get me it for xmas and wondered if anyone already had it and knows how many of the games can be played from sitting or are adaptable?

    I can stand on balance board but have to be holding onto walker so exercises involving both standing and waving arms are impossible for me.

    As someone mentioned been able to sit for hula hooping game for first wii fit I wondered if you can also sit on it for the game on wii fit plus where you have to flap like a chicken to get to a platform?

    I'm also interested in the bums and tums exercises and yoga.



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    Any quad friendly driving games?

    Several of the sports games are suitable for quads but does anyone have any driving games that don't require pushing buttons? I checked at gamestop and all the ones they had there required pushing buttons to accelerate or brake.


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    This would add grip if any of you are looking. They come in different colors. Monoprice is a great place to order from.

    Silicone Skin for Wii Remote Control

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