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    Giger md

    Hi all,

    Any GIGER users? I've been using mine for 3 months and love it. I'd love to compare notes with other users so please get in touch with comments or questions.



    C6 complete

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    Giger MD's are incredible, but also very expensive. My patients love them (I don't represent the company nor sell them). The motomed is also something worth looking into.
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    I have had a Giger for the past month or so, Ruth. I would also like to compare experiences with you or any other user of the device. I have found the short term effect of the device to be great. I am just hoping that I can turn those good short-term effects into long-term changes.

    What are your experiences?

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    I google searched Giger MD and I can't find the opportunity to purchase one. Any advice? Thank you.

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    I realise that this is three years after the thread started but I would like to find out more about the Giger and its effects so would be grateful if anyone would share their experiences? I am trying to raise the funds to buy one but it is a big investment so doing as much research as I can. My aim is to regain some mobility and strength rather than maintain. Any information would be most welcome.

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    We have a Giger MD for sale - we are just outside of Chicago IL, in Palatine. This is The unit we have is pictured here. The cost would be $10K and you would be soley responsible for pick up and delivery (personally or by freight carrier). is my contact information.

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