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Thread: A question to parents

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    A question to parents

    So my miraculous little niece just turned one. I felt inspired to mention to her that she's one of the most magnificent things that ever happened in the world (to which I got a characteristic laugh and clap). Do you think that would be a bad thing to do when she can understand me? I don't want to screw up her sense of place in the world, but every child should know that someone feels that way about her, shouldn't she? (Not that she’ll have any shortage, as likely the only daughter/niece/grandchild.)

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    I dont think you could adore her too much. you will love her so much that you will not fail to set it right if her head gets too big. all of life lessons along the way will teach her she is no better then the next little girl. she is supposed to be magnificent to you. and you to her. my uncle was a god. I still feel that way about my little girl. she is 18. your feelings will grow with her.

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    All children should be told that they are magnificent and loved.

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    Kids aren't vegetables. They don't spoil. Love, praise, love, praise, then love and praise her some more!

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    Love and praise with reasonable limits and expectations= a magnificant, balanced, loved child.
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