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Thread: problem with bowel program

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    problem with bowel program

    ive been doing my bp once a day at the same time for the last 5 months since my injury with little to no problems....its been the 3rd day no bowel movement, i had been taking miralax the week prior to substitute a lack of fruits and vegetables and i probably should be drinking more, 5 days ago i had a much larger than normal and loose bowel movement, then a very small the next day and began taking it again, and have had no luck since, i feel very gassy and have passed it with no bp consists of 1 fleet enema everyday on the toilet, i had no luck with the suppositories and other methods.... i also had taken some pain killers for some aggravation in my back...i know these can bind you up...should i be concerned, is this going to cause me to have accidents and throw my program off? i was happy with it so far.. after my surgery i was bound up for 2 weeks and felt terrible and had accident after accident...i dont want this again...

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    My son had the same problem that you described. Now he is taking 1 fiber supplement daily and the result has been improved. He is on the fiber suppl. for 1 week now.

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    any advice, i really want to get going asap last time 2 weeks was a killer , i dont want to go thru more depression about this, things were going good

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    Stay away from Fleets. I made this same mistake. Eventually you'll need two, and after awhile they won't wok at all.

    Suppositories didn't work for me either until I tried Magic Bullets. Get them from Even thought the active ingredient (Bisacodyl) are the same as what you can buy at a drugtore, they don't work the same. MB are water soluble and melt in a matter of melts. The drugstore brand is vegetable oil based and can take forever to melt. And no, I don't work for them!

    I'd stay away from Miralax too. I find that if stool is too soft, my body doesn't push it through as well.

    Like you said, drink more water, eat some fiber and be patient.
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    will the magic bullets work sitting on the toilet?

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    I think if you're doing your b/p every day you might want to try cutting the magic bullet in half, a whole one might be too much. I do my b/p every 2 days and use a 1/2 mb, my problem is it works too fast and doesn't melt all the way but other than that its great and hardly ever any accidents.

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    Are you on narcotics for pain? They really slow things down.
    Have you tried Enemeez mini-enemas? They are not the same as Fleets.
    - Richard

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    Quote Originally Posted by rfbdorf View Post
    Are you on narcotics for pain? They really slow things down.
    Have you tried Enemeez mini-enemas? They are not the same as Fleets.
    - Richard

    yeah not as much luck as the fleet, can these magic buullets be used sitting on the toilet

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    Suppositories usually dont work as well sitting up but then neither do the fleets as gravity tends to pull the product down and may not have enough time to act.
    But you can definitely give it a try.

    It is best to increase water intake and fiber in your diet.
    And, as above, usually people do their bowel care 3x week as daily is very time consuming and usually not necessary but may be in some cases.

    I would try to make your program as simple as possible and take the least amt of medications as possible to get good evacuation and avoid accidents.


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    +10 on the Magic Bullets.

    I even had a local pharmacist custom compound me a "copy" of the Magic Bullet when the supply/availability dried up a few years back. The medicine in both the over the counter and the MB is the same, Bisacodyl (sp?), but the medium it is suspended in is different as mentioned above. Over the counter is in Vegetable oil where as the MB is in a glycerin based medium, which readily dissolves in water, causing the medication to get into the bowel wall much quicker, yielding faster results.

    I am on a every other day BP in the evenings before bed, I take one (never tried a half but it probably would be enough) while lying on my side in the bed on a chux pad, wait about 5 to 10 minutes or until my legs begin to sweat, then race to the pot. One digistem sweep after about a half hour, wait ten then I am usually done. Depending upon my diet, usually I do not have any accidents during the night, and none the following day.

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