We hire caregivers, and you raise alot of good things to think about from the person-to-be-hired's perspective.

Here's my view:

I do have major concerns about hiring men in general, but ESPECIALLY for a live in situation because we have a young son in our home and I would be very distrustful of any man I didn't personally know for many, many years to live in our house. Too much potential access for sexual abuse, etc (I'm just being blunt, and honest). Also, as a male, my safety as a woman, I need to be reassured too. Since obviously my husband cannot "defend" me, I am quite concerned with my safety as well.

Driver's license: yes, big problem. If you are hiring in privately, you'd lack the ability to run errands, take your client anywhere, etc. A big part of what I want from a caregiver is to take my husband to doctor's appointments, which are numerous, and that would not be possible for your situation. Oh, and again bluntly: without a car, and as a live-in, you would ALWAYS be here. Its really nice for a PCA to go visit friends, eat out, basically, be gone for a few hours, especially on your days off, so that we don't feel like we have someone looking over our shoulders constantly. The up side is being flexible for spontaneous needs.

As for certification, you certainly don't need that. You can learn anything you need to know if you are going to be hired by a private individual. That's the way to go in my book, we have had universal bad luck with agencies.