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Thread: Testicular Cancer

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    Testicular Cancer

    I've told some friends on here privately, but I was diagnosed with Stage II testicular cancer. It is a very treatable form of cancer, but becoming increasingly common for people under 40. My PCP says that she thinks people with sci are at increased risk for testicular cancer, but my oncologist does not think so. I just want to spread the word about it.

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    I wish you a complete recovery. l'chaim.

    The peak age for developing Testicular Cancer is 15-45 which is also a peak age range for traumatic spinal cord injuries.

    SCI in men increases your chances for infections and inflammation of the testicles (orchitis).

    Just as we women are encouraged to do breast self exams, men should self examine their testicles for lumps.

    Brought to you as a public service message from the land of Lance Armstrong.

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    Good Luck for a full recovery!!!

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    I'm sorry to hear that. Get well soon and thanks for the heads up.

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    Much strength for your fight.

    People with SCI are more susceptible to bladder cancer. I haven't heard of increased incidences of testicular cancer however.

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    So sorry to hear, we're all thinking of you and wishing you well.
    Ugh, I've been kissed by a dog!
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    Wishing you the best. Get well soon.
    For every minute you're angry you lose a second of happiness

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    Sean, wishing you the best and as speedy a recovery as possible.

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    All the best to you.

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    well wishes to you hardluckhitshome.

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