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Thread: Wound Vac Supplies For Sale

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    Wound Vac Supplies For Sale


    I had a motorcycle injury in June that required me to purchase a bulk quantity of the following.

    KCI - V.A.C. White Foam Large Dressing (10cm X 15cm)
    Expiration: 10/2009
    Quantity: 12
    Expiration: 07/2009
    Quantity: 2

    V.A.C. Granuform Dressing Thin
    Expiration: 01/2010
    Quantity: 5
    Expiration: 12/2009
    Quantity: 5

    V.A.C. 300ml Canister (with GEL) for ACTI V.A.C.
    Quantity: 5

    Make me an offer. I am in South Orange County, CA.

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