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    Question baclofen pump

    What are the members experiences with this pump. Our PM&R docs at Metro are recommending it for my husband who has maxed out on Baclofen and is now trying valium and is living life in a semi-stuporous state from the drugs. He is 5 months post injury (almost 6). Need some feedback, please. Not sure what to do. Spasms are interfering with his care and his comfort. Sometimes take his breath away. I want to improve his quality of life as much as I can. WHAT TO DO??

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    There is a "sticky" thread in the Care Forum with a bunch of FAQ's. Here it is:

    There are lots of threads about our pumps, the Search function will list lots. Here is my thread about getting mine:

    The pump is kind of a last resort, but it has been a real help for many of us. Sounds like you husband may be a good candidate. Good luck.
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    I moved this thread to Care Forum where it should get more views and answers. Wise.

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    I hope you get lots of advice about the pump. I was going to get one at one point but decided against it and just live with the spasms I have without medication. But I am a paraplegic with strong arms so they become my anchor when the spasms take over and I just about manage.
    2 things though - only 6 months after injury is early and it could be that the spasms might reduce on their own, and the other thing is to make sure that there is no infection or other problem that could be causing them to be so debilitating.
    Best of luck in finding a workable solution that doesn't require doping him so much.

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    My pump has been a great help. I rarely have a spasm now.
    If you read through the sticky thread it will give you lots of info.

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    While six months may be a little early, I am assuming that the physician's who are recommeding it have been working with you and your husband since his injury. They usually do a test run to see if he will be a candidate for the pump and that may also help to answer some of your questions.... Write down everything that you can think of - starting with where do they do the test to determine if he is a good candidate? It is usually done in a short procedure unit, however, each center does it in a different location. Find out how many pumps they have implanted - what their success rate is, etc. Anything that you can think of is fair game to ask. Has he been worked up to make sure that he doesn't have an infection anywhere?

    Good luck in your decision making.

    Happy New Year!


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    I had it done, a little over a year post. Much better than the drug fog. months seems a bit early, but it won;t hurt to research it now. I have posted a lot in several threads, including the ones posted. Search will bring up tons of info. Good luck with all the reading!
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