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Thread: Is it okay to see a Chiropractor?

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    Is it okay to see a Chiropractor?

    I am T12-L1 incomplete para and my lower veratbrae get locked every morning I wake up and I am able to 'crack' them out by laying on my back with a wedge. Over the holidays I was unable to do this and my back is locked more than usual and I was wondering if you would see a chiropractor? Do some chiropractors specialize in SCI?
    Thanks for your advice.

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    I go to one when my pain is over the top. He dosen't crack. Look into Network or cafe of life chiro's or one associated with yoga.
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    I would ask the chiropracter if they have had any experience with people who have had a sci. That is the only way I would let someone touch my back. Also, check with a PT and see if there are any exercises that you could do on your own to increase your flexibility.

    While it is ok to see a chiropracter, please be careful!

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    Thank you for advice.

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    Let us know how you are doing.

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