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Thread: Disabled Unemployment rate

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    Disabled Unemployment rate

    What are your opinions of the unemployment rate of the disabled being between 79 and 86 percent using various polls? its 6percent for AB's. The deteriorating economy will only make this worse. No employers are hiring, the disabled are that last to be employed. Bad hand we are dealt...

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    I have had a few jobs in the private sector since my 1997 SCI. One of the crazy things I have seen is that the handicap parking at a private sector company parking building has a far lower percentage of handicap parkers than does the average mall or Walmart parking lot. One suspected fact: disabled people are a protected class... too easy for them to yell 'foul'... so better to avoid that population altogether, especially since they are also likely to be net takers on the company insurance. If you do the math, the average high end custom rigid frame wheelchair is going to cost out between $70 to $100 a month.

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    the disabled are that last to be employed
    When I went back to college after my SCI, I was the only wheelchair user in my class of 100+. I was the 1st employed, 6 months prior to graduation.

    Getting a job is pretty much dependent on what you have to offer. Even in tough economic times, employers are always looking for folks who will add value.

    Good Luck...


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    There are so many factors involved in unemployment for those with disabilities. They differ for when you were disabled in your life-span in addition to many other factors such as:
    • Education level prior to disability
    • Employment prior to disability and type of employment
    • Socioeconomic background
    • Disability type (ie, paralysis, CP, blind, deaf, TBI, stroke, amputation,etc. etc.)
    • Access to vocational rehabilitation services
    • Era of injury (pre or post ADA primarily)
    • Disincentives to work (ie, loss of health or attendant care services)
    I don't know that the economy will hurt those with disabilities any worse than the general population. It does not cost employers more to hire or retain disabled workers than it does ABs, and in fact many studies show that the disabled worker is a more loyal and dedicated employee in general. There are also still incentives for hiring PWD in many government jobs (local, state and federal) that can be an advantage if you are competitively educated and skilled.


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