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Thread: soft roll casters 5"x1.5" in a tilite zr

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    Good news, this is what tilite say:
    Dear Antonio.
    We can do the 10 degree footrest angle at no additional charge.

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    Very cool. I'm liking Tilite more and more these days!

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    Im hoping to dump my froglegs now that ti forks will accomodate my 3in soft rolls. Ill keep u posted..frogs r great but i see me having issues down the line again w/ them rep
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    TiLite default footrest angle

    Quote Originally Posted by totoL1 View Post
    I`ve got another question.
    Do you know the angle that Tilite ZR gives to the footrest when is not adjustable.
    I`ve got it in my Quickie GTX with a 15ยบ.
    I was told by Mark (senior customer service person at TiLite) that the default footrest angle is 7 degrees. But they will set it at whatever you want at no charge if you order it with the chair.

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