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Thread: Baby sling for use by C4 Quad

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    Baby sling for use by C4 Quad

    Has anybody had any experience with baby slings/harnesses? I have a 2 month old baby and would love to be able to carry him around on my chest, but need something secure that would also be able to be used over my chin control power chair.
    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    I assume you are also using a chest strap, otherwise the weight of the baby would likely pull you forward in your chair.

    Try something like these:

    or something like this:

    Not sure how available these are in OZ though.


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    I used a "snuggli". It was adjustable enough to allow most of the baby's weight to rest on my lap. I looked for a carrier that didn't have a waist belt, just shoulder straps for ease of getting it on & off. There are pics posted in the above sticky thread - creative parenting, tips & tricks.
    You could probably get 1 online.

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