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Thread: Off to the ER with a burnt foot.

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    Off to the ER with a burnt foot.

    I'll be gone from the boards for a while as I burned my foot bad a few days ago. I just removed the dead skin and the area it so big I'd think a graft is indicated. I've got no way to get into the hosp w/o calling for the EMTs - so I'm off.
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    How'd you do that? get your foot taken care of and be back soon.

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    shit Juke,

    Sorry to hear. You did it up right huh? Hope you're wrong and don't need a graft.

    Heal quick dude.
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    Damn Juke,

    Hope it isn't too bad.Heal quick and get back soon.
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    What a bummer!

    Heal fast.

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    Sorry to hear about your accident and I hope it isn't serious.

    I branded myself in the abdomen about three months because sometimes stir-fry and spazms don't mix. Do they make an asbestos apron ?

    Heal quick


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    Who ass u kick? Get well soon.
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    I hope it's not as bad as you think.

    If they send you home with dressings and antibiotics, be sure to follow up with a Plastic Surgeon as an outpatient. It may be hard to get one in on New Years Day (?)

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    Bummer dude. I hope you're able to get it taken care of so that it heals quickly.

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    Not good. I hope it's speedy healing for you Jukespin ... at least you'll be in bed at the hospital with your foot up (burns = major swelling).
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