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Thread: Off to the ER with a burnt foot.

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    Steve, don't let the numbness overtake you. That will pass. It really will. It seems overwhelming right now, but work through this, we'll work with you and you'll have a new place to live.

    Let us know what we can do. There are enough people here to work with you to get things done. Just tell us what's up, where things are, what you're okay doing and not doing.

    KLD says she's on board, too. How kewl is that? Betheny and Sue want to work with you as do others. You know I'm in.

    Just tell us what's up, what you want and need from us. Go to PM with any of us if you prefer to put specifics there.

    Hang in Steve.

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    You may have already clarified, but do you have the Sec.8 voucher, which goes with you and allows you to rent anywhere a landlord belongs to the program and accepts vouchers, or does the building have some subsidized program low income with a % of units set aside for it, where you can rent (w/varying degrees of subsidy and rental) as long as you meet criteria/eligibility (but not a voucher you can take with you as you move). I'm assuming you have a voucher?

    Tenants in the Sec 8/low income housing must, like any other tenant, adhere to the same rules, regulations, and any other stipulations outlined in the LEASE. There are both TENANT and LANDLORD Responsibilities, but as part of HUD, landlord/owner must also follow certain regulations and inspection by HUD. Landlord can evict at any time, even if one is elderly or disabled, per the Lease Agreement, and the Landlord can be kicked off the program if they do not adhere to rules. In either case, even if Landlord gets fined and kicked off the program, the tenant may be left out in the cold.

    If you have a voucher you can take with you, you may be able to find rental a teeny bit easier, but there's still a lot of work/calls needed to find available units. HUD and your local housing development have a list of available low-income Sec.8 or other Subsidized housing they can send you ASAP, so you can call those management offices for availability and/or check if waiting lists are open/closed (most areas have ~ 5 yr. waiting list and/or are closed to new applicants). If you are willing to move from your current area, suburbs and and other less populated areas may have more avail. If one has been 'displaced', their housing needs can be considered a greater priority and moved up whatever waiting list or assistance program they might be on. However, that doesn't really guarantee anything or offer much comfort to anyone needing immediate housing, unfortunately. If there are any new developments in area, there is a possibility they have subsidized or are willing/planning on it. In this and most other cases, time is of the essence, as often there is a specific and temporary/brief window of opportunity to get on any program or list.

    Developments (new or existing) can get grants and other subsidies to construct/rehab their structures to enable greater accessibility. See here for one, as it pertains to Elderly: Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly Program, but surf site for more, as there are other pages listing grant programs and opportunities, such as (for owners) Section 236 for subsidizing interest payments on mortgages for rental or cooperative housing.

    Housing info for Senior Citizens
    • See also: Units for Elderly and Persons with Disabilities, for listing by state. But, call you local housing authority for most current list for your specific locale.

    RE outside support, aside from APS, are there any non-profit orgs in the area, who assist with housing, and more specifically, assist with elderly persons re this and other needs? Often, the person must get involved, as it's your need and care, and it's always best to direct, if able, unless unable to physically/mentally do so, or otherwise incapacitated as to require some sort of 'guardian' to act on their behalf. Small, local advocacy groups can sometimes provide much more direct service, and help organize to act on your behalf.

    Here are some resources, larger/national:

    Elderly Housing Development & Operations Corporation (EHDOC)
    *check "Housing and Resident Resources" for further outside links

    such as...

    American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
    *Search by state*
    Aging Services of California
    Ms. Anne Burns-Johnson (President & CEO)
    1315 I Street
    Suite 100
    Sacramento,CA 95814-2912
    P: (916) 392-5111
    F: (916) 428-4250
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    I feel soooo dumb...I didn't know how to refind this thread Steve...I didn't forget about you and your plight...Have you written the story? I still think that is the way to go...
    One other thing that I know to be true...This landlord needs to be held accountable for NOT maintaining your house...She collects rent from HUD...the units I managed were inspected yearly and any problem that might have come up during the year were corrected or we didn't get a check...HUD has to receive a letter from your landlord as well about the eviction...also, if you told her about the rodent problem or any problem "in writing" this could very well be a retalitory (sp) eviction...meaning she is kicking you out because you are requesting repairs...but, it has to be in writing...did you by chance ever call HUD? some landlords will evict and people don't understand their rights and move..the unit re rents and the repairs are never done...this is against the law...some landlords harrass tenants in order to get them to move...I forget, how far are you from Truckee? I have a friend there that I would be willing to call and see if they could help...
    I spent some time checking on available units in Placerville and seems there is a waiting list of at least a year at the retirement one (forgot the name) ...They didn't take secton 8 but have their own subsidy of 30% of income...
    You have a lot of people on your side willing to help! and that's a good thing!

    I now know to click on cp user and find this post... had no idea...I am still finding my way around carecure! hang in there...judy

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    sorry the situation is so crappy juke. i finally have the supply situation pretty much sorted out. its taken a bit to get someone to organize it. sorry its been a week since we talked. soooo....will you be at the address for 2 weeks or so. i'd hate to send this stuff n someone throw it away n you not get it. dont worry bout shipping you have bigger probs, ill cover it. the wound supplies we spoke of are smaller than your wound they are
    tiele dressing 3x3[2.75x3x5]
    duoderm dressing 4x4replicare dressing 4x4

    i know ya want tape r just wound supplies in general. anyway ill post a detailed list within a couple hours. atleast i hope to
    anything else i can do? PM me if you want.
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    Many Blessings,

    So we can say with confidence, The Lord is my helper, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?" Hebrew13:6

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    Is your goal to stay in this apartment that has not been maintained by an awful landlord? Or is your goal to move? If it is to move, then is it to move to another place in the same city? If not which city?
    It seems that before a great deal of energy is spent from all these wonderful CCC volunteers, that a goal is identified, option a,b etc.. This way a unified front can be created -whether it be a letter writing campaign, assistance with finding HUD housing in your city of choice etc., etc..
    It seems like a completely overwhelming task, but it can be broken down to doable components based upon your goals. But it has to start with your wishes, intent and goals. If you could clarify this, I think people can more effectively help, appropriate resources can be identified- and ultimately you will be in the living situation that you want.
    Best of luck,
    Pam OTR/L

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Perhaps we can split this message and put the information about housing in a separate thread in Life or Money forums. I can help if that is OK with Betheny and others.

    As long as Jukespin sees it, that's what needs to happen.

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    Mem, SCIOT, Chick, Judy, KLD and all. (No more letter after A and before C from this keyoard.) Yes, I need to clarify my goals and some PMed help I got this AM has helped me do that.

    I an fairly familiar with the Sacramento area and, though I've lived in El Dorado Co. for so long, have no attachments here. I have missed movies at movie theaters since giving up my car five years ago. I didn't get to see the two Chris Nolan Batman flicks and, having seen the DVds on a small LCD screen, have some idea of what I missed. If I lived in Sac I could pro_a_ly use lift _uses to get to and from theaters. All in all the capital city seems the _est destination when I move from here.

    I did not notify my landlady in writing a_out the rodents (Wise says field mice). I did leave a message for my Housing Assistance workers re our exchange and her refusal _ut my conversation with one of them a few days ago indicates they either don't remem_er or won't remem_er having gotten it.

    So, one mem_er with a relative in the Pville area has tried to help and Saorsa came up with some surprising listings on Sac area posa_ilities from various sources including Craig's list. There have even _been offers of money.

    I'm just feeling pretty weird and numb a _out this whole situation.

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    Funny, just today I boxed up my gaming keyboard and will send it back to Newegg tomorrow for a replacement. Out of the blue the F10, F12, NumPad 2, 5 & 8 and the Scroll Lock and Insert keys decided not to work. Strange stuff. My B key is fine. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB

    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob clark View Post
    Funny, just today I boxed up my gaming keyboard and will send it back to Newegg tomorrow for a replacement. Out of the blue the F10, F12, NumPad 2, 5 & 8 and the Scroll Lock and Insert keys decided not to work. Strange stuff. My B key is fine. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB


    LO fuxking L, we just crossed responses. Well, me to your response in the "Need Advice" thread.


    *Copy/Pasted; you bet.

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    Re help moving, another thought would be youth groups. Church, scouts, school organizations (key club, honor societies). They are all required to do some community service, and sometimes are looking for new outlets. If you don;t mind being used to fill their quota. ONe thing about using kids, is they will need some direction, but they are good workers! I'd ship ya mine, and their friends, but the commute from Connecticut, Massachusetts and Ireland might be a bit much.

    eta, funny, I just got a letter from a friend whose keyboard was missing the s (or letter between a and d as she had to put it )

    It was filled with all the little _ as well. Must be something going around. LOL
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