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Thread: should I do this?

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    I got back on the depo-shot 2 yrs post injury as my periods had come back with a vengeance by then. I've been a happy camper ever since. No periods since 2006 and I'll likely stay on depo forever. I'm a c7-t1 and have already had blood clots when I was in rehab way back when in '04. Afterall life is short you gotta enjoy it and play hard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cherbears View Post
    I took depo-provera for heavy cycles and ended up infertile and early menopause and now this drug causes risks to bone density. Also stops the libido.
    I heard the same thing recently on the news that Depo causes bone density problems, and that anyone taking it has to be on calcium supplements. Didn't know it causes early menopause.


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    Depo not a good thing. I was on it for over 10 years.

    I was on Depo for a little more than 10 years pre and post SCI. I had been warned about the bone thinning when I first started and even volunteered to be in a study to examine bone loss pre sci. Even though they could see that I was losing a little bit of bone mass, I continued thinking since I was very active, took calcium supplements and thought I would be okay.

    There was no discussion post sci when I spoke to my docs about getting off Depo now that I had a SCI.

    Long story short, have lost a lot of bone density as a combo of being on Depo for so long and SCI.

    Altough I loved not having a period for so long, it comes with a price. I gained about 1 -2 pounds every year. Not a big deal until you remember I was on it for over 10 years. 20 pounds is a LOT of weight for someone my height and weight. Major loss of libido, which in itself is very effective birth control.

    I've been off depo for a few years now. I'll be going into the doc later this week to try Mirena. Hope it's not a bad as Depo.

    PM me if you have questions about Depo.

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    If having kids isn't a consideration -- I highly recommend the uterine ablation combined with a tubal. Birth control and reduces/eliminates periods (haven't had one in over a year!). Sweet!
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    I started depo at 31 and lost my libido after that and never got it back not the ability to get pregnant and I went into menopause. Also I have DDD and can't walk now at 50 barely. This drug is used to make pedophiles sterile! I will oppose this drug forever! Just my experience...

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