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I was on birth control pills in high school because of really bad cramps too. When I was in my 20's I started the Depo shot. (This was before my sci). The first time I had it I had a lot of headaches, hot flashes etc. but these all went away after the first shot. I stopped it while in the hospital and started again a couple of years ago. This time although the Dr. said it was the "Depo" shot it was actually a different brand name and it affected me differently. I had spotting while I was on it etc.

I forget the brand name of this shot, but maybe it woudl work a bit better for you. Do you know if you would be able to use a patch?

When I was on the pill I was told it was ok to continue taking them for a couple of months at a time to reduce your periods. It might be worth while having a talk with your Dr. about it.

When I was on the Depo shot it worked for me so well that although they usually only recommend being on it for a few years the Dr. said that because it worked I should stick with it. I was on it for about 5 years.

Hopefully you will find something that works out for you!
I can't use the patch because it interferes with seizure meds and the docs don't wan't me using it 'cause I've had a history of blood clots.
Still haven't decided anything yet. I just want these uncomfortable periods to go away for a while. I've had very low iron and B12 levels a lot since my colectomy, so having my period just makes me miserably exhausted, despite being on B12 shots and an IV of iron.